Elevating Aluminum production efficiency with optimal process control

Overcome smelter potline challenges like manual determination of AlF3 dosage, temperature deviations, and lengthy Root Cause Analysis for enhanced efficiency and precision.

Improved Current Efficiency

Boost current efficiency with our AI-driven technology solution.

Improved Power Consumption

Reduce over and understeer with our AI-driven tool.

Optimized Dosage Consumption

Control bath temperature effectively with our Prescriptive AI model.

Reduced Fuel Rate

Unlock greater savings and reduce Potline fuel rate with Ripik Vision.


How Ripik Vision helps aluminum smelting operations teams


Achieve unrivaled accuracy in Aluminum Potline operations with Ripik Vision

Ripik Vision, our patented AI-based Vision SaaS, gives you complete control over potline operations. It acts as your partner in smarter aluminum smelting, empowering operators with AI-driven insights to enhance efficiency, minimize costs, and elevate operations to their peak performance.


Ripik.AI - The driving force behind your success

Noted a remarkable 5% improvement in specific power consumption, India's leading Aluminum Manufacturer has achieved a landmark by optimizing Aluminum smelting potlines.

The premier Aluminum manufacturer achieved a milestone by successfully reducing AlF3 consumption in their Potline by an impressive 20%.

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