Gain high visibility on your workforce skills and activities

Unlock efficiency like never before. Dive deep into your operations, monitoring each task, optimizing quality, and gaining real-time insights into materials and processes with Ripik Vision.

Increase utilization

Maximize workflow and resource utilization to improve uptime and effectiveness

Streamline SOP compliance

Optimize SOP adherence through advanced workforce monitoring with Ripik Vision

Improved engagement

Get instant visibility into employee burnout, disengagement, and exhaustion

Personalized work methodology

Analyze preferences and work habits of each employee to improve productivity


How Ripik Vision helps track employee activity


Streamline your Workforce Monitoring Operations with Ripik Vision

Maximize productivity and foster a healthy work-life balance with Ripik Vision. Gain real-time visibility and actionable insights into individual and team productivity trends, ensuring compliance and optimizing workload efficiency. With Ripik Vision, monitor user activity data while upholding global data privacy standards.


Ripik.AI - The driving force behind your success

A Steel giant was able to improve energy efficiency by 3% through real-time Nut Coke Tracking.

In the world of cost-competitive steel market, our client managed to improve fuel rate and throughput by real time Nut Coke tracking, resulting in sustainable steel production.

Leading EPC giant achieves 50% boost in Asset Utilization by dehiring underutilized assets.

See how Ripik.AI's real-time asset monitoring solution transformed a leading EPC company's operation by identifying and dehiring underutilized assets efficiently.

Experience how Ripik Vision can leverage your business