Automating data digitization with the following KPIs

Ripik.AI empowers clients by digitizing invaluable data, even where it is unavailable. With dedicated on-site interns and cutting-edge technology, we transform bulky BPRs into digital files, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to ensure accurate, actionable insights.

Real-world Correlation

Identifies non-linear relationships and correlation between variables

Historical Data

Extracts historical data on quality and process parameters to achieve improvement in yield

Traditional Statistics

Our approach fits the data's unique contours for insights that resonate with your business

Advanced Analytics

AI-ML algorithm uncovers intricate patterns and insights, free from rigid constraints


How Ripik Vision helps digitize analogue data


Transforming texts and images seamlessly with Ripik Vision

Experience the power of AI-enabled Computer Vision technology that effortlessly converts typed, written, and printed text images into digital format. Streamline your processes with precise document analysis and extraction capabilities, revolutionizing your workflow.

Experience how Ripik Vision can leverage your business