Achieve unmatched efficiency and superior results with the following KPIs

Transform your manufacturing prowess with Ripik Vision. Elevate quality, monitor processes, and perfect sorting. Embrace Computer Vision AI for major energy efficiency, tame emissions, and convert operational volatility into profitability.

Reduce fuel rate

Detect average particle size in real time for better fuel rate control

Computer Vision AI solutions
Process efficiency

Level up process efficiency to new heights with our automated solution

Computer Vision AI solutions
Asset performance

Boost asset productivity with high-precision insights from Ripik Vision

Computer Vision AI solutions

Embrace Ripik Vision for sustainable, eco-friendly factory operations sustainable solutions.

Computer Vision AI solutions

How Ripik Vision helps plant operations teams


Revolutionize Raw Material Particle Sizing with Ripik Computer Vision AI Platform

Transform raw material sizing through live camera feed and patented computer vision algorithm. Achieve continuous operational efficiency in industrial assets with real-time size detection and distribution, ensuring optimal raw material usage. Benefit from smart alerts for swift action, deep root cause analysis, and immediate redressal of deviations.

cement kiln operations
Case Studies

Ripik.AI - The driving force behind your success

India’s prominent Steel manufacturer reduced 3% fuel consumption by real-time Coke sizing

See how an accomplished Indian Steel Company transformed the steel production with our Cognitive and Vision AI based technology designed to efficiently handle variations in raw materials and produce steel at low-cost sustainably.

We transformed wood chip and log sizing, boosting yield and efficiency for India's premier pulp and paper manufacturer

With Ripik Vision at the helm, our client witnessed a remarkable 2% yield boost, a notable 10% improvement in throughput, and an impressive 15% reduction in chemical consumption.

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