Overcoming power plant boiler challenges with our AI-driven solutions

Transforming coal handling with our AI solution, we empower clients to overcome manual process challenges. Real-time tracking of size, grade, and moisture ensures consistency and reduces LOI, with instant team alerts for immediate corrective action.


Enhance Power Plant efficiency with Ripik Vision

Experience unmatched Power Plant efficiency with our proprietary AI-based solution.


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Ripik Vision

Transform your industry with Ripik Vision - experience the power of real-time analytics and smart automation across different industries. Our patented computer vision software streamlines process control, reduces variability, and minimizes human error with 360° automation.


Don’t take our words has been associated with IMFA since Jan 2023 towards implementation of Industry 4.0 in our Choudwar plant located in Odisha. They are working on two machine learning / data science use related to power and metallurgical coke consumption optimization through real-time alerts. The team has good knowledge in the areas of data science & machine learning, and their problem solving skill set is high

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