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Our solutions deliver tangible benefits, including increased yield, reduced downtime, enhanced quality, and streamlined processes.


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Ripik Vision

Discover how Ripik Vision transcends the boundaries of industrial operations. With its real-time analytics and intelligent automation capabilities, Ripik Vision drives unparalleled operational precision in manufacturing processes, from sinter bed monitoring to finished goods tracking. Experience a new era of efficiency, agility, and innovation with Ripik Vision.


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I am delighted to write this testimonial about, Grasim's analytics partner since December 2021. The team has completed three machine learning/data science use cases in our Harihar plant and one-use case in our Kharach plant. We have been thoroughly impressed with the depth of data sciences, machine learning, and problem-solving skills demonstrated by the team.The team was able to understand our complex business requirements and develop customized solutions that addressed our specific needs. Their expertise and knowledge in the field of data science have been invaluable in helping us optimize our plant operations and improve overall efficiency. Our collaboration with has been seamless, and their team has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our project. We are excited to continue our partnership with and are confident that their contributions will be invaluable to our continued growth and success. I highly recommend to any organization looking for a reliable and expert analytics partner.

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