Enabling plant process teams to stabilize KPIs with AI-powered precision

Embrace the power of AI for enhanced energy efficiency and optimized plant performance. Find out how the cutting-edge AI solutions from Ripik.AI are transforming the industry.

Coal consumption

Drastically cut down coal consumption to improve operations

Improved Production

Achieve notable improvements in fuel rate and production

Energy footprint

Significantly reduce your energy footprint to cut down emissions


Enhance throughput for superior efficiency and performance


How Ripik Vision helps plant operations teams


Redefine the manufacturing process efficiency with Ripik Vision

Revolutionize manufacturing operations with Ripik Vision's patented algorithm and live feed, offering continuous assessment and smart alerts for peak efficiency. Enhance asset and process performance with actionable insights derived from unstructured visual data.


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India’s prominent Steel manufacturer reduced 3% fuel consumption by real-time Coke sizing

See how an accomplished Indian Steel Company transformed the steel production with our Cognitive and Vision AI based technology designed to efficiently handle variations in raw materials and produce steel at low-cost sustainably.

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