How our custom solution delivers value at scale

Harness our proprietary technology and excel in maximizing monthly GC margins through expert constraint management. The solution stands out from off-the-shelf software by rapidly creating user-friendly schedules, complete with convenient Excel export options, distinguished by its remarkable speed and efficiency.

Value Proposition

Achieve unmatched precision in planning across the Pharma supply chain

Although various over-the-shelf software for end-to-end planning are available today, production scheduling continues to be an uncharted territory for most of the companies. Ripik.AI helps overcome this issue with its patented optimizing engine.

Our Product

State-of-the-art technology solution

Ripik Optimus

Our patented AI-based optimizing engine can help revolutionize your factory operations. Achieve flawless line balancing, precise scheduling, and efficient manpower allocation, and mastering complex, multivariate constraints for unmatched production planning.


Don’t take our words

Given the complexity of the scheduling process in the Pharma industry, in most companies, have seen that despite having planning software like PPDS, the scheduling happens manually. Ripik Optimus can change that.

Ripik Optimus is a solution that not only handles all Pharma constraints but also helps in capturing several on ground realities through the right set of data which was earlier not being captured by any other Scheduling tool

Elevate manufacturing efficiency and exceed your KPIs