Maximize Steel production efficiency with improved burden control

Elevate your steel production to new heights with Ripik Vision. Adapt to dynamic stave temperature and cohesive zone-based burden control for optimal outcomes.

Improved Scrap Quality

Achieve precise real-time size and color identification for scrap

Slag Chemistry Prediction

Accurate hot metal and slag chemistry prediction with Ripik Vision

Reduced Fuel Rate

Raw material size detection helps improve fuel rate control

Reduced Carbon Emission

Elevate steel manufacturing to the forefront of sustainability with our solution


How Ripik Vision helps optimize Electric Arc Furnace efficiency


Master your kiln operations with unmatched precision of Ripik Vision

Ripik Vision transforms cement kiln management with its live camera feed and patented computer vision algorithm, continuously assessing kiln health—healthy, dusty, or hot. Its smart alerts enable swift, informed actions for enhanced efficiency. Stored images facilitate deep root cause analysis, optimizing refractory performance and operational effectiveness.


Ripik.AI - The driving force behind your success

India’s prominent Steel manufacturer reduced 3% fuel consumption by real-time Coke sizing

See how an accomplished Indian Steel Company transformed the steel production with our Cognitive and Vision AI based technology designed to efficiently handle variations in raw materials and produce steel at low-cost sustainably.

Experience how Ripik Vision can leverage your business