Upgrading production standards with Ripik Vision’s real-time insights

Improve customer satisfaction with our proprietary goods inspection platform. Leverage advanced image analytics for flawless finished goods monitoring and streamlined production planning.

Automated FG Inspection

Enhance quality with our AI-based finished goods inspection system.

Reduced Customer Complaints

Slash customer complaints by 30% and boost satisfaction dramatically.

Reduced Wastage

Minimize operational costs and raw material wastage with product inspection.

Real-time Counting/Tracking

Track your production in real-time for ultimate visibility and control.


How Ripik Vision helps Product Inspection teams


Elevate quality control for Finished Goods with Ripik Vision

Experience a revolution in manufacturing with Ripik Vision's automated finished goods inspection. Say goodbye to customer complaints, excess raw material wastage, and errors associated with flawed products. Make decisions based on real-time insights.


Ripik.AI - The driving force behind your success

A Steel giant was able to improve energy efficiency by 3% through real-time Nut Coke Tracking.

In the world of cost-competitive steel market, our client managed to improve fuel rate and throughput by real time Nut Coke tracking, resulting in sustainable steel production.

Leading EPC giant achieves 50% boost in Asset Utilization by dehiring underutilized assets.

See how Ripik.AI's real-time asset monitoring solution transformed a leading EPC company's operation by identifying and dehiring underutilized assets efficiently.

Experience how Ripik Vision can leverage your business