object detection in computer vision


Optimizing operational efficiency by Dehiring Underutilized Assets

object detection in computer vision

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object detection in computer vision


Asset Monitoring

What Calls for a Change

This company, a major force in engineering and construction industry, has a broad portfolio that includes infrastructure as supreme. With a vast portfolio spanning infrastructure, power, hydrocarbons, and more, the company continues to play a pivotal role in shaping and transforming industries.

EPC giants face challenges with certain assets that are currently underutilized, operating at a capacity significantly below the potential they own. This issue often results in suboptimal resource allocation and can impact overall production efficiency. Identifying underutilized assets is a manual and time-consuming process, leading to delays in corrective actions. Implementing a systematic and real-time approach to monitor and optimize asset utilization could result in significant improvements for the company’s overall performance and cost-effectiveness.


The challenges faced by the Aerospace component manufacturing facility head were multifaceted, as the firm majorly depended on welding for crucial joints and prioritized the assurance of defect-free products. While many welding processes are automated for precision, the inspection phase remains manual, leading to time-consuming practices and increased cycle time in the Weld Shop. This hinders overall efficiency and workflow bottlenecks.


The Solution

Ripik.AI’s solution offers real-time identification of underutilized assets by tracking movements such as dehiring, redeploying, and hiring. The tool utilizes statistical analysis to provide live recommendations on optimal asset movement strategies. Constructive daily email alerts ensure swift action on these recommendations leading to overall control of the process.

The Impact

The implementation of Ripik.AI’s solution has led to substantial improvements, with over 80+ approved AI- contributing to projected savings exceeding Rs. 2 Crores annually. The tool’s real-time identification and proactive recommendations have not only optimized asset utilization but also streamlined corrective actions, demonstrating a tangible positive impact on the company’s operations and cost efficiency.

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