Improving overall fuel efficiency for a 10-15x ROI boost

Our solution tackles inefficient coal consumption, optimizes raw material mixes, and addresses carbon footprint concerns. Benefit from 24/7 optimal process control, early warnings, corrective actions, and comprehensive post-mortem analysis, ensuring you stay ahead in this competitive landscape.

Value Proposition

Achieve optimal Cement kiln operational efficiency with real-time insights

Leverage our transformative technology for optimal coal feed rates, precise adjustments, and enhanced performance in Cement kilns.

Our Product

Innovative tech solution at your finger-tips

Computer Vision AI

Ripik Vision

Transform your industry with Ripik Vision - experience the power of real-time analytics and smart automation across different sectors. Our patented computer vision software streamlines process control, reduces variability, and minimizes human error with 360° automation.

Elevate manufacturing efficiency and exceed your KPIs