object detection in computer vision


Real-time Nut Coke Tracking to improve energy efficiency

object detection in computer vision

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Steel Manufacturing

object detection in computer vision


Ripik Vision

What Calls for a Change

Nestled within the global steel industry, a substantial player emerges, operating a significant steel plant. This facility, strategically nested in the heart of steel production, is a testament to the fusion of productivity and a commitment to sustainable practices. The plant also specializes in producing flat and long products through its advanced Blast Furnace (BF) and Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF). In the steel production process, the Coke team faced a recurring challenge of accidentally passing Nut Coke instead of BF (Blast Furnace) Coke on the charging conveyor. The reliance on manual sizing and the low frequency of sampling contributed to the destabilization of the Blast Furnace.

object detection in computer vision


Our client confronted significant operational challenges, with the Coke team inadvertently passing Nut Coke instead of BF Coke onto the charging conveyor, resulting in frequent destabilization of the Blast Furnace (BF).


The Solution

The implementation of our patented SaaS, Ripik Vision, marks an effective step in optimizing steel production. Our Computer Vision AI Platform, utilizing advanced Object Detection in Computer Vision, enables us to address major challenges related to Coke sizing. This technology provides real-time alerts for size fractions, ensuring operational efficiency.

By proactively alerting operators to size fractions less than 30mm, it avoids disruptions in the Coke charging procedure. This precision in sizing contributes to an improved Coke rate, optimizing the Blast Furnace’s performance and overall throughput.

The Impact

The real-time insights provided by Ripik Vision, led to a notable enhancement in the stability of the Blast Furnace (BF). Leveraging Computer Vision Image Processing, Ripik Vision effectively addressed sizing challenges, resulting in improved fuel rates and increased throughput.

By preventing destabilization incidents and optimizing the Coke rate, the combined effect resulted in a transformative impact, achieving about a 3% reduction in fuel rate. This advancement highlights the efficacy of our technology in revolutionizing steel production processes.

object detection in computer vision

“Our collaboration with Ripik.AI has been seamless, and their team has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our project. We are excited to continue our partnership with Ripik.AI and are confident that their contributions will be invaluable to our continued growth and success. I highly recommend Ripik.AI to any organization looking for a reliable and expert analytics partner. ”

Assistant Vice President

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