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Imagine a world where computers possess flawless vision and the intelligence to process visual data, mirroring human sight without errors. At Ripik.AI, we make this a reality by integrating computer vision artificial intelligence technologies. Our platform offers 24/7 real-time anomaly detection, process video feeds and extract valuable insights enabling your operations to run smoother and smarter than ever before.

As a leading Computer Vision AI platform, Ripik Vision AI is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge computer vision AI for anomaly detection, pattern recognition, and bespoke solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs. With Ripik Vision, factories can revolutionize their operations and drive sustainable growth

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Proprietary Computer Vision Tool for enhanced efficiency and productivity

Elevate your operational efficiency with our revolutionary, patented computer vision AI platform. This state-of-the-art system is engineered to provide real-time, accurate measurements of crucial raw material properties such as size, moisture, and grade. Leveraging advanced computer vision object detection technology, our unique SaaS product delivers unparalleled precision and reliability, boosting productivity across industrial operations. With AI-driven insights at its core, our platform optimizes performance and streamlines processes, ensuring your operations run at their peak efficiency.

Experience unparalleled precision in real-time detection and distribution of raw materials with Ripik AI, our cutting-edge computer vision AI platform. Harnessing the power of advanced object detection in computer vision, Ripik Vision ensures optimal sizing and handling of materials, significantly enhancing efficiency and reliability in your industrial operations.

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Our patented computer vision AI platform continuously adjusts feed rates by leveraging high-resolution imaging and advanced algorithms, reducing waste and operational costs. Optimize your coal feed rates with our visual AI platform, ensuring precision and efficiency in real-time.

Enhance quality control with advanced AI-powered visual analysis. Our platform utilizes computer vision quality inspection to provide precise and efficient quality inspection, reducing defects and ensuring top-tier products.

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Proactively detect fire hazards, monitor worker activities, and oversee behavior with real-time compliance monitoring using Vision AI. Ripik.AI’s advanced technology ensures unparalleled workplace protection and compliance by swiftly identifying risks and promoting safety.

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Choose Ripik Computer Vision AI Platform for a competitive edge

Overcome manufacturing challenges with Ripik Vision, a proprietary Computer Vision AI platform. Leveraging state-of-the-art computer vision technology, we transform unstructured images and video data into actionable insights, equipping your operations with the intelligence needed to optimize processes and boost productivity. 

Experience a comprehensive Computer Vision AI stack with Ripik Vision, available both on-premises and on-cloud. Our sophisticated Computer Vision SaaS solution is tailored specifically for industrial environments, offering unmatched insights and efficiency to meet your operational needs.

Seamlessly integrate our plug-and-play Computer Vision platform effortlessly for instant operational enhancement. Our advanced computer vision technology ensures rapid deployment, allowing you to immediately harness valuable insights and boost efficiency without any hassle of complex setup. 

Leverage our extensive library of pre-trained use cases, meticulously tailored to address precise and efficient operational challenges. These ready-to-deploy computer vision solutions are designed to optimize performance and provide rapid insights, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively. 

Develop your own AI models without the need of an AI engineer and get readymade readymade APIs for easy integration.

Benefit from our AI experts on your business use cases, providing tailored engineering solutions and support.
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Unlock Computer Vision Use Cases in Manufacturing

Solutions for a rapidly changing world

Our solutions are powered by Vision AI, supported by a robust back-end and extremely user-friendly UI that drives accuracy, efficacy, and adoption, leading to value creation for our clients.

Steel Industry

  • Sinter Flame monitoring

  • Coal particle sizing

  • Ladle tracking and refractory monitoring
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    Cement Industry

  • Kiln flame monitoring and energy optimization in cement kilns

  • Limestone particle sizing

  • Raw Material Blend monitoring
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    Power Industry

  • Coal / Coke particle Sizing/li>
  • Drone based asset inspection
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    Aluminum Industry

  • Raw material sizing in GAP (Green Anode Plant)

  • Scratch and defect detection in Green Anode

  • Surface finish monitoring in Finished Goods
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    Other Industries

  • Monitoring PPE and Safety kit for personnel

  • SOP Compliance monitoring

  • Conveyer belt defect identification
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