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Optimizing Cement Kiln Operations for effectual energy costs.


Ripik Vision

What Calls for a Change

One of the prominent entities in the Indian cement industry, this company holds a distinguished position within the construction sector. With a deep-vetted accommodation on energy costs, the plant strongly focuses on cost competitiveness. They understand how crucial it is to sustain economic production by meeting KRAs to propose optimal kiln health with reduced downtime for sustainable cement production.


The challenges faced by the cement facility head were multifaceted, with a significant concern arising during dusty and hot kiln runs leading to downtimes. It was found that there was an excessive coal usage of at least 10%, or three tons per hour, at these times. The fact that the kiln ran under hot temperatures for about 30% of the time made the problem worse. The overuse of coal throughout these stages not only reduced operational effectiveness but also increased resource consumption, which presented a significant barrier to maximum output.  


The Solution

Our patented AI-driven industrial solution, Ripik Vision can operate in real-time and provide instant identification of the cement kiln’s status, categorizing it as hot, dusty or, ideally, healthy. The primary objective is to improve the operator’s control of maintaining the kiln in a healthy state for longer sessions. The suite achieves this through optimal fuel rate recommendations, early warnings, and post-mortem analysis. By utilizing live input camera feeds and advanced computer vision, the product autonomously assesses the kiln’s condition without human intervention, leading to a substantial reduction in periods when the kiln is either dusty or hot. Simultaneously, it enhances the duration during which the kiln remains in a healthy state for eco-friendly kiln practices. 

The software stores kiln images on the cloud, allowing easy access through a user-friendly web application. It uses neural network models to recommend optimal fuel rates and functions and provides real-time manufacturing insights through centralized tracking. 

The Impact

With our advanced Vision-AI software, the facility was able to operate with improved insights into kiln conditions and actively placed a preventative step against any jamming problems. By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, we have enhanced control mechanisms and accomplished an astounding 3% reduction in fuel rate. Our software is quintessential because it has sophisticated alerting and nudging features that are intended to maximize the dose of kiln coal.  

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