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What Calls for a Change

Our client is a multinational pharmaceutical company that manufactures pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The firm has a diversified portfolio of products that cater to a vast range of therapeutic segments covering psychiatry, anti-infectives, neurology, cardiology, diabetology, gastroenterology, nephrology, urology, dermatology, gynecology, respiratory and many more.

The current state of production planning and scheduling relies on manual processes due to the impracticality of plans generated by end-to-end planning software. These software solutions often fail to accommodate the intricate constraints inherent in factory floor operations. The solvers employed within these software systems struggle with the complexity present in real-world manufacturing environments, often necessitating the imposition of simplifying assumptions. As a result, manual intervention remains a predominant practice, highlighting the need for more robust and adaptable planning solutions that can effectively address the complexities of modern industrial settings.


The plant head faced the issue of suboptimal and manual planning for a vast inventory of 600+ SKUs and the allocation of 200+ resources. The complexity is further compounded by intricate operational dependencies, persistent changeover issues, and constraints related to resource availability. This multifaceted scenario necessitates a more sophisticated and automated approach to planning and resource allocation for enhanced operational efficiency and adaptability.


The Solution

Ripik Optimus proved as a transformational move in the facility. The technology stands out in generating highly optimal plans by thoroughly examining millions of configurations through rapid iterations on schedules, all achieved within minutes and with no dependency on human input. This innovative solution provides a detailed, minute-by-minute production plan tailored to product and machine specifications. The plan is conveniently visualized in block-wise and room-wise formats, facilitating clear communication and coordination among block and room in-charges. This approach ensures efficient and effective production planning while minimizing the need for manual intervention. This strategic scheduling not only improves (SLA) percentages but also maximizes the volume of samples analyzed.

The Impact

The introduction of our patented SaaS, Ripik Optimus’s scheduler, has resulted in a commendable 7% increase in production volume. This achievement is attributed to improved resource utilization and the effective identification of bottlenecks in the operational processes. With 100% feasible schedule generation the plant was able to reduce inventory by 5-10%. The advanced scheduling capabilities have proven instrumental in optimizing production and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


“Ripik.AI has a very deep and granular understanding of what and how Artificial intelligence is. They helped my team in creating a production schedule in minutes rather than 5+ days taken earlier”

Plant Head

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