AWS ML Elevate 2022, in association with Accel, Intel and YourStory, will nurture 27 machine Learning-powered startups to build on their big ideas and help them attain growth and scale.

As both AI and ML are poised to drive a significant change across businesses and impact lives positively, a growing number of startups are seeking to tap into the limitless opportunities that AI/ML offers. To tap into this potential and nurture innovative, deep-tech founders to develop their core AI/ML startups, AWS launched the ML Elevate programme in October 2020. As the first-of-its-kind mentorship accelerator for a cohort of 30 early-stage ML startups in its first year, it fetched 210+ applications who needed to build, grow and scale their startups. As a part of the ML Elevate programme, these startups went through a series of sessions that helped them focus on evolving their product-market fit, building innovation, setting up a strong technical foundation for a scalable product and developing capabilities to improve prospects of getting funded. Get connected to Kaleidofin Within the selected cohort of startups for ML Elevate 2021, 14 raised a cumulative ~$50 million from the likes of Y-Combinator, 021 Capital, SOSV, Venture Catalysts, Ideaspring Capital, CDC Group. The program also facilitated in making 56 investor VC and customer enterprise connects for the cohort and held 35+ mentor masterclasses and ask-me-anything sessions by 30+ curated mentors. “Our teams learned a lot from the mentor masterclasses that spanned myriad topics in data science, technology, product and business. The VC connections were also useful for startups to understand how to approach raising funds. The breadth of sessions was enlightening and thought-provoking,” said Natasha Jethanandani, CTO, Kaleidofin Private Limited which was part of ML Elevate 2021 and went on to raise $10 million in funding. Get connected to Kaleidofin Being a part of the cohort also helped startups identify potential customers within the group, said Sarthak Goel, Founder, Invoid, a Y-Combinator backed startup that later joined Credenc, an online platform for educational loans and a Capital India company, to build neobank for students. “The connects during the program were very helpful especially for us since we come from a B2B background. Not only did we connect with industry leading companies for showcasing, but also with fellow participants who also became our potential customers. I would highly recommend ML based startups to be a part of this programme,” he added. As the avenues for AI/ML continue to expand, AWS brings in the second edition of ML Elevate 2022 in association with Accel, Intel and YourStory. The programme that called for entries in September this year has received 262 applications across the country from AI/ML startups, who have worked on innovative solutions for industry and business challenges. The applicant startups were screened through a meticulous process that focussed on various scoring parameters such as market opportunity, product robustness, underlying tech stack, founders pedigree, business viability and key milestones/traction. To be the right fit and drive maximum value from the 6-week program, 27 startups were selected for the cohort that are AI-first or core-ML from day 1, have raised under $3 million and were incorporated less than three years ago. This year’s startups selected for the programme: 1. AarogyaAI offers a SaaS platform and uses AI-driven data that analyses the DNA sequence from the bacteria and comes up with a patient’s comprehensive drug susceptibility status to help doctors prescribe more potent antibiotics. 2. Anayaa’s product Zevi’s is an AI-powered site search engine and discovery platform to drive increasing conversion in the digital arena by providing best in class customer experience through search. 3. AuraML AuraML offers a unified platform for real and synthetic dataset needs powered by AI assisted labelling and proprietary synthetic data rendering engine. 4. Apex’s translates videos, images, podcasts and text for all translation purposes. 5.AiSteth Ai Health’s AiSteth is a next-gen smart stethoscope that screens, detects and predicts cardio-respiratory disorders using art-signal processing and AI capabilities. 6. Blurgs Innovations Blurgs’s Drone DApp uses real-time image processing and AI-enabled decision-making techniques to assist, automate, and augment the capabilities of drones and drone operators. 7. Boomitra INC Boomitra’s AI uses satellites to measure soil carbon levels and enables corporations and governments to scale their carbon credits and farmers to accelerate sustainable and precision farming to fight against climate change. 8. Commix’s Dubdub is an online tool to make video content multilingual. It offers cost effective, efficient, faster, reliable, scalable, and shareable using AI/ML dubbing solutions in 40+ languages. 9. Defect Scanner Defect Scanner is an AI-based quality inspection tool which ensures defect-free products in the entire manufacturing supply chain. 10. Downtown Club Downton Club is a virtual window-shopping destination and discovery-led marketplace for independent brands in India. The platform ensures that every brand gets fair visibility and enables brands to acquire customers. 11. works to decentralise AI and enable companies to leverage AI capabilities on edge devices with an end-to-end workflow solution, focused on improving the efficacy of AI algorithms and models for edge devices. 12.  Expertia uses deep tech to discover, develop and deploy skills to build the future of work for organizations and professionals. 13. Flo-Nav Flo Mobility is building vision-based autonomous driving technologies to provide autonomy-as-a-service for a range of vehicles including electric scooters to agri-weeders and even lawn mowers. 14. Healium’s AI assisted handheld 3D ultrasound device conducts renal sonography and enables healthcare providers and practitioners to leverage the power of digital biomarkers through Machine Vision, AI, for delivering better patient outcomes, personalized treatments to save lives. 15. Aspiro Inner Genius Tech’s salestech product Aspiro enables teams to sell better through highly rep-centric, simulated roleplay-based coaching that improves representative’s skills tactically by leveraging their individual strengths. 16. Kroop AI Kroop AI’s audio-visual data generation technology works to detect deep fakes. It also enables organizations to detect unethically generated synthetic media. Its learning-based platform enables digital avatars and creates data for the MetaVerse. 17. Legalsense’s Amikus is an AI-powered platform to improve the speed and efficiency of contract drafting and review, using AI to improve accuracy and reduce review time. 18. MeetRecord MeetRecord provides a scalable solution to record and analyze all online meetings to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes and deliver bottom-line impact. 19.Neodocs Neodocs is an AI-based platform that is building scalable and innovative healthcare diagnostics and interprets and simplifies medical reports to provide personalised health recommendations. 20. Rehabvc Pimotion’s product, Rehabvc is an AI-powered physiotherapy platform that automatically tracks and offers real time assistance for exercises and ML-powered feedback towards the history of exercises done. 21. Reflexion .ai is a SaaS-based AI-powered video collaboration platform built to automate metadata extraction and facilitate remote collaboration. 22. Ripik’s AI platform enables manufacturing to be more competitive by helping shop-floor managers and plant teams make better decisions via an AI-ML based DIY platform to run analytics and get recommendations. 23. True Neural’s AI-enabled product Truefy helps to mitigate online reputation damage and assist in deepfake crisis response and decode misrepresented images and videos. 24. TrustCheckr Unoideo’s product TrustCheckr provides real time APIs with integration and uses AI to statistically arrive at TrustScore that works towards fraud prevention. 25. Upscale AI is a connected workspace that makes revenue generation data-driven, instead of intuition-based, by automating repetitive tasks to sell smartly through multiple channels and structured sequences. 26. uses AI to enable insurers, agents, third party administrators and brokers to understand insurance data through AI-driven scalable operations. 27. ValueMatrix builds a seamless interview and evaluation process along with candidate experiences. To know more about AWS ML Elevate 2022,

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