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Ripik Community allows you to ask pressing questions to peers, participate in discussions on best practices, share information with others, chat, leaderboard, and quizzes. Also get access to Ripik Vision and Ripik Optimus for precision insights and operational excellence, all within one platform.

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Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into your operations and tap into an expansive network of valuable resources and expertise, transforming the way you innovate.

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Stay at the forefront of the industry with the wisdom of global leaders at your fingertips. Your questions, ranging from broad industry trends to intricate technical challenges, are answered with precision.

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Within our Ripikverse 'Community', engage in online forums and WhatsApp groups to stay abreast of industry trends and co-create the benchmarks for operational excellence.

Industry 5.0 Manufacturing

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Case Studies

Ripik.AI - The Driving Force Behind your success


Cement Kiln Optimization proved groundbreaking by reducing energy costs by 5%.

Unveil the success story of an Indian Cement titan overcoming fuel challenges with our advanced Vision AI technology for optimized kiln health for minimizing downtime situations.


India's largest power plants achieved a notable 2% reduction in energy generation costs.

India's leading Power plant achieved operational excellence by implementing Vision AI-based coal grading, enhancing boiler efficiency and reliability for successful and profitable operations.


India’s prominent Steel manufacturer reduced 3% fuel consumption by real-time Coke sizing

See how an accomplished Indian Steel Company transformed the steel production with our Cognitive and Vision AI based technology designed to efficiently handle variations in raw materials and produce steel at low-cost sustainably.

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